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Table: Issue 7
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Necessary optimality conditions for an optimal control problem of 2D g-Navier-Stokes equations.
Nguyen Duc Loc
Considered here is the optimal control problem of 2D g-Navier-Stokes equations. We prove the existence of optimal solutions and establish the first-order necessary optimality conditions.
On the Fourier coefficients of Siegel Eisenstein series of higher degree.
Do Anh Tuan.
The purpose of this paper is to compute the Fourier coefficients of the Siegel Eisenstein series of higher degree, and to give several tables of them. Most important part of the calculation of the Ikeda lifts is one of certain polynomials attached to the half-integral symmetric matrices. Then, by using the induction formulae due to H. Katsurada, we have computed the polynomials for many matrices of size 3 and size 4 and succeeded to give several tables of the Fourier coefficients of the Siegel Eisenstein series of degree 3 and degree 4 respectively.
An empirical study of early stopping in genetic programming.
Nguyen Thi Hien, Nguyen Xuan Hoai, Nguyen Quang Uy, Nguyen Thi Quyen.
Genetic Programming (GP) is an evolutionary method based on the principles of natural genetic systems. In GP, a population of individuals are randomly generated. This population is evolved through a number of generations by applying some genetic operators such as crossover, mutation and selection. Although GP has been successful applied to many real world problems, there are very few guidelines for determining when to stop GP algorithm. Traditionally, a predefined number of generation is set and GP is stopped when it reaches to the last generation. In this article, we present an empirical study of the impact of early stopping to GP performance. We proposes some early stopping criteria for GP. We tested the proposed methods on a number of symbolic regression problems. Our experiment results show that using early stopping helps to maintain the generalisation capacity of GP while significantly reducing its solutions complexity and training time.
Design a health care consultant system in traditional medicine.
Nguyen Van Hung, Le Hoang Son, Pham Van Hai
The growing demand of hospital’s services and qualities as well as the status quo of the average annual income of Vienamese raises the challenge of providing adequate medical facilities to people. Vietnamese Traditional Medicine contributed greatly to the examination and treatment for people and is less side-effects regarding issues of abuse and antibiotic resistance. This paper proposed a health care consultant system in traditional medicine using the forward reasoning technique and matching algorithm. Two algorithms namely the disease diagnostic and treatment algorithms have been developed. A software for health care consultant in traditional medicine on Web and iOS platforms have been proposed.
A rule-based method for transforming Vietnamese paragraphs into DRS (Discourse Representation Structure).
Tran Trung, Nguyen Tuan Dang.
Text meaning representation is the first important step in a text summarization system (K. S. Jones [25, 26]) following the abstractive direction. The summarization process following this direction has three main performing steps: (i) Transform the input text into a semantic representation form; (ii) Transfom this semantic form into an output form; (iii) Generate the summary from the output form. In this article, we present a new method for performing the first step in the above process. This method is applied in the abstractive summarization model which was proposed in previous researches. We apply this method for short paragraphs composing from 2 to 5 Vietnamese sentences which have the anaphoric pronoun relationships between some sentences. The output of the method is Discourse Representation Structure (DRS) presenting the semantic of the input paragraph. The transforming method includes three stages: (i) Parse the shallow structures of the original sentences by OpenNLP tools (Tokenizer, POS Tagger and Chunker); (ii) Map the shallow structure to reduced structure composing main phrases, and re-create the sentence from these phrases. (iii) Build the DRS of the result paragraph from stage two.
Quand-band bandpass filter using stub-loaded resonator nested half wavelength resonator to WLAN and WIMAX application.
Do Van Phuong, Nguyen Tuan Khang, Ta Chi Hieu, Doan Minh Tan.
In this paper, we propose a novel compact quand-band bandpass filter using multi-stubloaded resonator nested half wavelength resonator. By adjusting proper the dimensions and coupling gaps of resonators, four passbands are designed to operate at 2.5, 3.5, 4.9, and 5.8GHz, corresponding to WLAN and WiMAX applications. Moreover, nine transmission zeros can be created to improve the selectivity and stopband performance of filter. The result, a novel microstrip quad-band bandpass filter is designed, fabricated and measured for demonstration indicating that experimental results have a good agreement with the simulated results.
Performance evaluation of the tightly coupled GPS/INS integration with different constraints.
Nguyen Hong Lam, Nguyen Dinh Thuan, La The Vinh
During GPS outage, the Tightly Coupled GPS/INS integration can provide satisfactory result thanks to the use of constraints such as body velocity and height constraint. However, the performance depends on the configuration of satellites in view. In this paper, we evaluate the performance of the integration using such constraints in different GPS configurations. It is expected that this study give recommendations for choosing appropriate constraints in specific conditions.
Motorbike transportation state detection based on smartphone.
Hoang Xuan Dau, Dao Duc Huy
The detection of users’ transportation state based on wearable sensors in general and based on smartphones in particular is a type of ubiquitous computing and it has recently been being an interest of many researchers. In Vietnam, motorbikes have been being used widely and they are the major transport means of people. While in traffic by motorbikes, smartphone users often cannot answer phone calls, or respond to text messages. Moreover, using mobile phone while in traffic by motorbikes is prohibited by laws. Therefore, mobile phone users may be missed, or ignored important events. This paper proposed a method for motorbike transportation state detection using smartphones. We also developed a motorbike riding assistant application for smartphone users that provides some useful assistant features, including automatic answers of phone calls and text messages based on the detected moving state. Initial experiments showed that the proposed method has the detection accuracy of over 96\% and the motorbike riding assistant application can provide appropriate support features to smartphone users.